The first nutrigenomic mineral for ruminants
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Reveal your herd's potential
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- GENIAL ACTIV’ : Special Youth
- GENIAL OVI’FED : Special sheep
- GENIAL PATI’VERT : From the time is turned out to pasture
- GENIAL STABI’PAT : Pasture and stall
- GENIAL DEDI’CLAS : Suckler cow
All of its buckets are also available in the range Genial Natur' (Approved for use in Organic Agriculture) : GENIAL NATUR'ACTIV’ : Special Youth - GENIAL NATUR'OVI’FED : Special sheep - GENIAL NATUR' PATI’VERT : From the time is turned out to pasture - GENIAL NATUR' STABI’PAT : Pasture and stall - GENIAL NATUR' DEDI’CLAS : suckler cow - GENIAL NATUR' TARI’GEST : Dry cows .
On 26 January 2017, the third technical meeting was held on the south-west of the Green-Bouère sector (53).
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In order to satisfy a greater number, GENIAL® has developed a range usable in Organic Farming: the GENIAL NATUR'® range. Each formulation has been thoroughly studied to replace the prohibited components in Organic Farming and then tested in our partner breeders to retain the initial properties.
The products of the GENIAL NATUR® range are formulated according to the same desire for innovation as the generic range. It therefore proposes technical products in order to target and improve reproduction performance. Each breeding problem will have its solution in this range (cf: We are pleased to announce that EACH product of the range GENIAL® finds its equivalence in the GENIAL NATURE'® range.
Our products are present in different presentations and packaging:
BIG BAG (1 ton), SAC (25kg), LICKING BUCKET (24 kg) and LICKING BLOCK (12kg))
Tuesday, December 13, 2016 took place the second edition of the technical meetings on the reproductive and health solution GENIAL on the sector of Grey in Bouère (53).
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GENIAL continues to innovate by addressing mycotoxins that disrupt reproductive outcomes. With CAPTIV 'a proved and exclusive natural solution, GENIAL improves the profitability and quality of reproduction livestock breeding. As a source of progress, GENIAL continues to bring men closer to science. To discover with your insemination cooperative.
The inseminators of Grez-en-Bouère invited the breeders on March 1st to a meeting on the solution of reproduction and health "Génial".
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