The first nutrigenomic mineral for ruminants
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Génial XXX optimizes reproductive performance
Reveal your herd's potential
"The manifestations of the heat are much more visible, it is truly undeniable. I find it hard to keep litter clean. I also removed the synchronization of cycles that would allow me to recover the females that I did not see in heat, I save thus about 250 €. I observe better the heat on the females after the first calf (primipare).
As for the feeding of calves that have a feeder available in the stall, this year I put GENIAL ACTIVE 'at disposal and they began to eat faster. Overall the calves gained 200g of growth per day."


Cisai Saint Aubin (Orne),
lactating livestock farm Charolais cattle.
50 calving with 90 % of calving in autumn

Why the choice of GENIAL ?

To help me better detect the heat.

More information:

Jean Yves began using GENiAL R2 during the winter of 2010/2011. The fertilizing calving-AI interval increased from 109 days to 87 days, a gain of 22 days. The ration distributed to cows is simple: hay, silage, straw and cereals.
In addition, for breeding females, the cereal mixture contains 700 to 800 g of oats.